SD(岡本・堀川)研 / 竹野研 (旧:菅原研究室)


Research / Education Aims

There is a strong movement, among enterprises, academics and organizations, to nurture promising engineers who demonstrate a good command of scientific and systematic management. Both our laboratories, Software Design and Management Information Systems, aim to provide education and studies on constructing information systems adopting both management science as well as information science, so that our intellectual and sensitive software professionals can contribute to the creation of a humane and prosperous society.


Software Design Lab.

Assoc. Professor
Mitsuyoshi Horikawa, Dr. Eng.
Assoc. Professor
Azuma Okamoto, Dr. Eng.

Management Information Systems Lab.

Takeo Takeno, Dr. Eng.
Assist. Professor
Toshifumi Uetake, Dr. Eng.

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